What Does Power Chain Braces Do?

Power chains are made of elastic rings that are connected and give a chin-like structure. Power chains are the devices that orthodontists use to accelerate braces treatment times. Working the power chain is the same ability as standard ‘O’-shaped rubber bands work in orthodontics for many years. Your dentist may recommend braces power chain for your treatment.

Any age person can have a power chain, unlike the other treatments. The power chain works excellently to give your smile a perfect look. They help treat misalignment, crooked teeth, uneven teeth, and gaps between them. They are good options for treating these dental problems.

Your dentist will tell you whether or not you need power chains as part of your treatment plan; it depends on your dental needs and your orthodontist’s guidance.

Why are Power Chains Needed?

Orthodontists advise power chains as they can be used along with dental braces to address a variety of treatment needs:

  • For closing the gaps between teeth, such as after an extraction gap.
  • It helps to fix the even spacing between your teeth
  • Aligns your crooked teeth issues
  • Teeth that are rotated may need a power chain.
  • Fixing your dental midline.

A power chain may connect a few teeth; thus, others may use separate ligatures. This way, your orthodontist can locate the different treatment needs for your teeth in various areas of your mouth. Your dentist will then see the changes you need according to your smile. You may also need a different type of power chain. Other power chain braces are used for special dental issues depending on your need. These power chain types have different diameters between the centers of their loop, holding which bracket the loop can connect to.

Closed type – Attaches to every tooth.

Short type – Connects at every other tooth.

Long types – Connects at every third tooth in your mouth.

Same as individual ligatures, power chains also come in different colors. Let’s see how they are helpful for your teeth.

● They exert more force.

Power chains can exert more force than individual ligatures as they are stronger than them. If needed, your orthodontist will use it in the area where it is necessary to put it.

● They’re easy to apply.

One more benefit of power chains is that it is easier to apply than braces. They are simple, and your orthodontist will remove the ligatures and replace them with power chainrings.

Power chains are wound up on a flexible material so that the orthodontist can easily trim the size of the power chain according to the need of your braces. You can choose the power chain colors as they come in different colors.

What Does a Power Chain on Braces Do?

Power chain works to complete their objective; they form a continuous straight band across each of your teeth to connect them equally. Orthodontists often use them to get specific treatment results and the need of your teeth; they are usually used for the treatment of:

  • Crooked Teeth
  • Malocclusions
  • Misalignments

In Conclusion:

Your orthodontist will call you for the appointment because a power chain’s force decreases with time, so it is crucial to replace them.

Maintain good oral hygiene when you have braces with power chains. If your child has a power chain that breaks, contact your pediatric dentist in miami.

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