What Should We Do To Maintain Our Braces?

According to the best orthodontists near me, you’ll also need to avoid eating a few things after getting braces since they could become stuck between the braces and your gum line. These foods consist of:

  • Popcorn
  • Hard candy
  • Chewing gum

Your teeth are more likely to catch foods that can cause tooth decay if you wear braces. Pay attention to how frequently you consume starchy meals and sugary drinks, which can erode dental enamel.

You must go to the best orthodontist in Miami fl, for an adjustment every 8 to 10 weeks while wearing braces. Your orthodontist will ensure that you take good care of your braces and oral health. When necessary, your orthodontist will also replace the O-rings.

Is it hard to clean teeth with braces?

When wearing braces, it’s critical to practice extra oral hygiene awareness. After meals, brush your teeth to prevent food from getting stuck between your braces and teeth. You can floss around the braces twice daily with the orthodontist’s special floss. A Waterpik flosser that can effortlessly fit around your dental braces and assist you in reaching hard-to-clean places may be something you wish to get.

Cleaning beneath and around brackets and archwires requires using a specialized tool called an interdental toothbrush. When you wear braces every six to twelve months, you should still make an appointment with your dentist for a cleaning.

How do braces work for adults?

You may get shocked to know that you can always obtain braces. Starting the treatment earlier in life has, nevertheless, certain distinct benefits. If your teeth adapt more quickly to your braces, treatment might not take as long. According to adult orthodontics near me, there are some changes that braces are unable to make once your jaw and teeth have finished developing.

Like you finish developing into an adult, your jawline and underlying tissue are still moving around as an adolescent. Your teeth may be more receptive and adapt to the movement, and your jawline may be more flexible at this stage. When adults get braces, the placing process is often the same for kids. When you want braces as an adult, there are other factors to think about than the length of therapy.

You should discuss the possible side effects of braces on your pregnancy with your OB-GYN if you are expecting a baby or considering trying to conceive. Suppose you have any underlying medical conditions that you think might be impacted. In that case, you may also like to discuss these with your primary care physician.

Do dental braces hurt?

When getting braces put on, there should be no discomfort. However, people may feel uncomfortable during and after modifications and in the days following the first installation. The discomfort from braces is described as throbbing or dull aching. You can use an over-the-counter pain killer medicine, ibuprofen (Advil), for assistance if you experience pain after getting braces.


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