What Are The Aftercare Tips For Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is an effective and popular cosmetic dentistry solution to whiten your teeth. There are many options to whiten your teeth, but it is better to be done it with the Best Dentist In Houston.

Professional teeth whitening can make your smile look bright. Teeth whitening also makes your teeth stain-free. You must stop your old bad habits from maintaining the pearly white forever and take some measures to maintain the results for a long time. Aftercare tips are necessary to keep your teeth looking white. Aftercare tips are essential because after the whitening treatment, the pores of teeth become open, and they can easily stain. Visit Teeth Whitening Services Near Me to learn more about the teeth whitening process.

Teeth whitening aftercare requires simple efforts. After the process, it is appropriate that you want the whitening effects to last as long as possible. If you want the results to stay, you must take aftercare seriously.

Aftercare Tips:

Avoid Colored foods

If you have followed a teeth-whitening procedure, ensure that the first 48 hours are crucial for the teeth because, after whitening, they become sensitive and prone to scratches.

So, if you want a white tooth for a prolonged time, you must avoid eating deep-coloured foods, use tobacco, and quit smoking. You should also avoid drinks like wine, tea, coffee, cherries, chocolate, all kinds of berries and dark sauces.

Avoid Acidic Foods

Acidic foods can give stains to your teeth. As a daily aftercare routine, avoid soda, pickles, lemons, limes and other drinks or foods containing acids. The teeth whitening process makes the teeth’ enamel weak and sensitive. The soft enamel becomes more prone to stains and decay after whitening, and the acid in the food you drink or eat can weaken the teeth.

Avoid Hot and Cold Meals

As your teeth will be sensitive due to the Teeth Whitening Houston, Tx, process, you should skip eating or drinking hot and cold foods. Foods that are too cool or too hot can make your teeth more sensitive. Ask your dentist about toothpaste to reduce discomfort, especially for sensitive teeth.

Your dentist will ask you to avoid eating foods and drinks that can make your teeth more prone to sensitivity. You can eat healthy foods, but rinse your mouth after eating or brush them. You can also eat sugar-free gum to keep your teeth free of decay and stains.

Talk to your dentist about what food you can eat after the whitening treatment. Contact your Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry if you have pain or itching long after the treatment.

Brush gently

Teeth are sensitive at this time, so you should gently brush your teeth after whitening.

It is best to use a soft bristle brush and sensitivity-controlling toothpaste. So brush slowly to reduce the discomfort.

In Conclusion:

Follow a proper care routine to maintain your teeth’s whiteness. Visit your dentist every 6 months for routine checkups. If you have questions regarding teeth whitening, consult Professional Teeth Whitening Houston and discuss your issues. Book an appointment now!

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