What Are Special Dental Fillings That Make Your Teeth Stronger?

Have you ever given thought to the ways in which dental professionals are able to improve the condition of your teeth at a time when they do not remain in good shape? If not, then read this article until the end to learn about the special procedure through which inlays and onlays can do wonders with your teeth! The dental method of inlays and onlays holds the capacity to restore the proper functionality of your teeth and make them healthy again. This article will guide you through the dimension of inlays and onlays and how modern dentistry has moved on from dental filling, and find out in what ways inlays and onlays do their wonders. If you require a personalized session with a dental professional, consult local dentists near me.

Why Dental Fillings Saw The Downfall?

There used to be a time when the procedure of dental fillings was the first choice in case of decayed or damaged teeth of dental professionals as well as patients, but the technology in dentistry is evolving, and so does its procedures. With the limitation like the necessity to remove the healthy structure of the tooth in order to create an area for the dental filling, compromising the strength of the tooth in the long run, dental fillings seem to be lagging behind, and new procedures like inlays and onlays are taking their place because of their effectiveness in repairing the functionality of your teeth. To know more, visit tooth filling near me.

What Are Inlays?

In order to avoid the constraints of traditional dental fillings, dental professionals invented a new procedure often referred to as inlays. Inlays are dental laboratory-created personalized restorations. In contrast to traditional dental fillings, which were used to be molded straight in the mouth of the patient, inlays are created outside the mouth from materials such as porcelain or composite resin. This results in a more exact fit and better aesthetics.

How Onlays Are An Advancement?

Even though the development of inlays is a significant breakthrough, it did not stop dental professionals from going more deeper and further. They went a step further and created onlays which are many a time referred to as partial crowns. This created a debate like an inlay vs onlay and caused confusion between the two. But it is important to understand that onlays are similar to inlays but cover a larger section of the surface of the tooth. When damage extends beyond the chewing surface of the tooth or includes one or more cusps (the pointed sections of the tooth used for biting and ripping food), an onlay is employed.

To Sum It Up

This article has guided you in what ways the inlays and onlays have transformed the fields of dental restoration by overcoming the limitations and gaps left by the dental procedure of dental fillings. Dental professionals can now save more of the good tooth structure with dental procedures of inlays and onlays, at the same time efficiently treating decaying or damaged teeth. If you want to restore your teeth and gain a charming smile, book a dentist appointment near me; the dental professional will fully analyze your teeth with th help of tooth chart numbers and provide you with the best treatment.

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