Do Braces Change Your Face Appearance?

Braces can help give you the smile you wish to have by changing the position of your teeth. When you have misaligned teeth, it usually affects your face appearance. After the braces treatment, your face will have some minor changes, which are for good. One best parts of braces is that you can change the color of your braces. You can choose the best color braces of your choice.

Orthodontic issues should be treated, or they may develop more oral health issues. Also, relying on the type of malocclusion you want to fix, you may see a change in how your jaws appear. Therefore, by correcting the bite, you will see changes in the shape of your mouth when you close it. 

Age, Braces & Changing Face Shape

Your age is one element that affects how much braces will alter your face. Because the body is still developing and growing at that age, the teeth, gums, jaw bones, chins, and oral muscles are more malleable and more likely to change in children and teenagers.

Braces will have a more substantial impact on modifying a patient’s face from the younger they are. Due to this, preteens and teenagers are often recommended to get orthodontic treatment sooner.

Although the overall procedure may be slower and any changes to the structure of the face will be less obvious in older people, braces can nonetheless move teeth into the correct positions. 

However, some older patients may discover that the skin under their chins appears tighter because of the changed jaw alignment brought on by their braces. This can make wrinkles appear less prominent and make the entire face appear younger.

Due mainly to the fact that transparent dental aligners are only intended to repair mild to moderate bite issues, aligners do not produce alterations as pronounced as those brought on by orthodontic braces. In particular, if your lips are being driven outward due to the degree of tooth protrusion, you may notice a modest alteration in the contour of your mouth if your orthodontists miami fl recommends aligners.

However, the overall effects of aligners on the contour of your face will be minimal.

Do braces change your cheekbones?

Braces help fix the spacing and overbite problems and may change the look of your cheekbone if the upper teeth are placed more forward or backward than they should be.

Braces can help move the upper jaw to a better position and make better symmetry by filing the uneven spacings between the teeth. And this improves the appearance of your cheekbones.

Does your smile change after braces?

After the treatment, you will surely love your smile, which will be more aligned and perfect. Your smile will be changed entirely as you will be more confident than before. 

Depending on the treatment you need, as advised by your orthodontist, you may notice your smile appears straighter and less crowded.

In Conclusion:

Braces are beneficial for shifting your teeth, and they enhance your face appearance. Also, braces have different colors, like dark green braces or red and black braces, making them more exciting. They help shift your teeth to the desired position and make your smile beautiful. Every smile is unique, and your orthodontist will ensure to make your smile perfect at the end of the treatment. 

Consult with your orthodontist as they will understand your problem better and will make the perfect treatment plan according to your teeth issues. Book an appointment with the orthodontist for adults near me and get a well-planned treatment for your misalignment or bite problems. 

If you are ready to join the journey of braces, then get an appointment now!

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