How Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Affect Braces?

Removing wisdom teeth is the best way to eliminate the pain and discomfort. Some people do not face any problems when their wisdom teeth grow because there is enough space for them to grow. Then the teeth develop straight and do not affect the bite. So there is a big no, so wisdom teeth do not provoke overcrowding in the mouth or disrupt any improvement made with dental work like braces.

When the person’s wisdom teeth do not have enough area to come up, they can cause overcrowding in the back side of the mouth.

According to the Miami orthodontist, one can have wisdom teeth and braces. Your orthodontist will suggest you remove the wisdom teeth if it does not provide enough room; the dentist will remove them before the treatment starts.

Extraction of a tooth is relatively common and helps you make a perfect smile. Removing wisdom teeth is necessary, as when they erupt after your treatment, they can spoil the smile that braces have created.

Many people ask this question about Wisdom Teeth Removal Affect Braces; here are some questions that people ask with the removal of wisdom teeth.

Can You Have Wisdom Teeth Extracted With Braces

Removing the wisdom tooth during orthodontic treatment or after bracing is possible. Suppose your orthodontist finds wisdom teeth can cause issues with your smile. In that case, your Miami beach orthodontics will refer you to an oral surgeon for tooth extraction.

Is Early Wisdom Tooth Removal Always Better?

You can say yes; removing your wisdom teeth early is better than getting other teeth impacted too. As you age, the removal of wisdom teeth becomes a little complicated. You may need surgery and more recovery time.

When your wisdom teeth do not grow fully, your adult orthodontics in Miami may suggest you remove the teeth. When they do not emerge fully, they can cause a lot of pain, and removing them is the only option. And many orthodontists suggest removing wisdom teeth early, at a young age, because the roots and bone are not developed fully. Hence, it becomes easy to remove them, and you can recover soon from the extraction surgery.

Does Removal of Wisdom Teeth Impact Your Remaining Teeth?

In reality, the removal of the wisdom teeth does not impact the remaining teeth; it’s just that the adjacent teeth move slightly to the vacant space. These are minor shifts and not misalignments. The teeth will not move completely, just a slight change, as there is no pressure from the wisdom teeth.

In Conclusion:

As you now know, removing wisdom teeth does not affect your remaining teeth. A wisdom tooth extraction at a young age can be beneficial. It will take only a few weeks for your mouth to get used to it, and then you can do as usual. Wisdom teeth removal costs in Miami can differ with every patient’s situation. Many factors can affect the price, such as the number of teeth extracted and the anesthesia used.

Look for wisdom teeth removal Miami and consult your dentist about tooth extraction. Make an appointment with your dentist.

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