Will Dental Fillings Cure The Cavity?

Do you have a painful tooth cavity? You must have a hole in the tooth caused by bacteria forming inside the mouth. If the cavity is extensively severe, your dentist may recommend a filling. Vist Emergency Dentist if the pain persists for a more extended period.

What is Tooth Cavity Filling?

Tooth cavity filling is a simple oral treatment. Dentists recommend it to restore the integrity and function of the missing tooth structure. Sometimes such tooth structure is supported by dental implants. Book an appointment with Dentist 77084 to determine the suitable filling material for your teeth.

When do you require Lost Dental Filling?

When the tooth cavity inside your mouth becomes severe, causing unbearable pain, you should visit your dentist immediately.

Therefore, it is necessary to identify the symptoms early before it becomes too late.

The common signs of a cavity are;

  • Sensitive teeth
  • Severe Tooth pain
  • Pain while eating or drinking.
  • Visible pores in your teeth.
  • Tooth discoloration

Patients with severe teeth cavity require a cavity filling. During this procedure, dentists fill the pores in your tooth with the filling material. It will relieve the symptoms ending in an aesthetically pleasing smile.

What are possible Dental Filling Options?

Dentists use various teeth filling materials, including; gold, porcelain, silver amalgam, Dental Crown Filling, tooth-colored, plastic, and Composite Tooth Filling. Another material encompasses glass particles, referred to as glass ionomer.

What is the procedure?

At first, dentists prepare the tooth and neighboring area to revive the tooth cavity. Usually, dentists use a dental appliance, i.e., a drill, to clean the area to eliminate the bacteria or debris before the restoration process.

Dentists use a rubber dam to isolate the teeth during the mixed filling method to prevent moisture from interfering with the bonding process. They use various adhesives with the composite resin and harden it using a special bonding light. Finally, you will get aesthetically beautiful and functional teeth. Visit Nearest Emergency Dentist if you experience something wrong.

Do I Experience Tooth Pain After Fillings?

You may experience tooth pain after a filling due to the following reasons;

Tooth sensitivity:

If you already have sensitive teeth, they may become more susceptible to hot and cold foods, biting pressure, air temperature, etc. However, such pain may disappear within two or three weeks. If the pain remains for an extended period, contact your dentist immediately.

Cracked or loose tooth fillings:

If the fillings are not correctly fitted to the tooth or cause cracks, you may experience pain. In such cases, call/contact your dentist.

Allergic reaction to tooth fillings:

Some people might have allergies to the filling materials like silver. Don’t avoid such tooth pain and contact your immediately. To avoid such situations, discuss everything with your dentist.

Sore Teeth After Filling:

You may have soreness over the treated area after getting a filling treatment. The dentist instructs you to keep sore teeth clean and healthy with a specific toothpaste designed to shield your sensitive teeth.

How Long Do Fillings Last?

No filling materials last forever, but if you maintain teeth properly after the filling procedure, the fillings may last for years, even decades.

Gold fillings last the most extended, around 15 to 30 years.

Silver amalgam fillings may last from 10 to fifteen years, and the composite resin may last from five to seven years.

These are the average life spans of the particular filling materials. It may reduce or increase f you take care of your teeth precisely. Visit West Houston Dental Clinic to know your options.

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