Why May We Need Dental Crowns?

Dental Crowns North Miami are artificial teeth caps that dentists place over your damaged teeth. When fillings fail to solve the problem, dentists use Dental Crowns Sunny Isles to protect, cover, or restore the shape of your teeth. You can create dental crowns from metal, resin, porcelain, and ceramic; typically, they dont require special care over time other than good oral hygiene.

Why would I need a dental crown?

You may require Dental Crowns Near Me for several reasons, including:

  • Restoring a severely decaying or broken tooth.
  • Protecting a weak or decayed tooth from breaking or keeping the weak tooth together if the parts of it are cracked.
  • Supporting and covering a large dental filling with the less remaining tooth.
  • Keeping a dental bridge in its position.
  • Covering a dental implant.
  • Hiding a severely discolored or paled tooth.
  • Covering a tooth which undergone a root canal.

What may you know about onlays and ¾ crowns?

You can use different types of Dental Crowns And Bridges on your teeth. Dental crowns like onlays and 3/4 crowns don’t fully enclose your teeth as traditional dental crowns. A typical crown will cover your entire tooth and protect it. Onlays and 3/4 crowns may be suitable if your tooth structure is still sound. It’s known as a more conservative approach than covering your entire crown. This procedure involves the tooth being reshaped by your dentist to make room for the crown.

What are same-day dental crowns?

Dental crowns can also be made in the dental office if your Surfside Dentist has the required equipment. This treatment starts with the removal of decay and the shape of the tooth to guarantee a perfect fit inside the crown, much as how a typical crown is built. These processes alter the actual construction of the crown. During the same-day operation, a scanning device (a “wand”) is used to obtain digital pictures of the tooth within your mouth. The computer’s software uses these photos to create a 3D model of the tooth. A second office machine uses the digital design to cut a ceramic block into the shape of the crown.

Why are metal crowns?

Several metals, including gold, palladium, nickel, and chromium, can create dental crowns. Metal crowns are the least prone to chip or shatter, the least quickly worn down, and require only minimal tooth removal. They can also resist biting, grinding, and chewing pressure. The primary drawback of this type of crown is its shiny appearance. For molars that are not visible, metal crowns are a great option.

How costly can dental crowns be?

The price of dental crowns can vary according to where you reside and what type of dental crown you choose. For example, porcelain crowns are costlier than gold crowns. Generally, dental crowns are not entirely covered by dental insurance. You should discuss the insurance coverage and affordable treatment options with your Best Dentist In Aventura and your insurance provider.


The above-provided details and information will help you learn valuable details regarding dental crowns and why we need them. For more detailed information, please refer to sunnyislesdental.com.

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