Why Does The Tooth Need To Be Replaced?

Have you lost your teeth due to an accident? Are you suffering from the issue of tooth loss? You must have then visited an emergency dentist near me to find a cure for it. Orthodontists near me state that missing teeth impact the overall appearance of a person. Experts at dentist offices near me say that the missing teeth also curb a person from smiling naturally. A single lost or damaged tooth can impact a person’s daily routine by changing the jaw’s functionality. Even though the missing tooth might not be visible from the outside but on the inside, they impact the functionality of the mouth. The missing tooth also affects the self-esteem of a person. The issue of missing teeth might also arise due to a lack of proper oral hygiene. The lack of oral health tends to cause tooth rot, which leads to the issue of missing teeth. Dental office experts state that not many people get convinced with the need to replace the missing tooth. But the replacement of a missing tooth, if not done on time, can impact the aesthetics of the mouth. If you also need convincing for getting the missing tooth replaced, this post is meant for you. Here are the key reasons why the missing teeth require replacement.

Top 4 reasons why missing teeth need to be replaced

1. One or more teeth in the mouth are missing

Periodontist states that making an appointment with the dentist becomes necessary when one or more than one tooth is missing from the mouth. A dental tooth restoration at the right time helps prevent the risk of further oral complications in the mouth. The tooth restorations also help in maintaining the good health of the remaining teeth.

2. Improved functionality of the mouth

Often due to missing teeth, one tends to avoid the intake of certain foods that are difficult to chew and bite. Opting for the dental tooth restorations helps in restoring the full chewing functionality of the mouth. The process of teeth repairs also helps one in having the choicest of their foods.

3. Cures headaches and migraines

Often due to headaches and migraines, one tends to get headaches and migraines. The missing teeth often affect the positioning of the other healthy teeth and cause a misfit of the upper and lower jaws. The missing teeth also cause stiffness in the muscles and joints. Opting for the dental restoration of the disappeared teeth helps in reducing migraines and headaches.

4. Improves the face silhouette

Due to the lack of teeth, the density of the jaw bone is reduced. The reduced density of the jawbone impacts the facial silhouette. The reduction in the density of the jawbone also no longer stimulates the chewing and biting process. This leads to the shrinking jawline, thus making you look older than your age. Opting for the dental tooth replacement helps improve the facial silhouette’s appearance by increasing the jawbone’s density.

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