What’s A Child’s Overbite, And What Can You Do?

Overbite in children is one of the most common orthodontic issues that occur. Overbite can become a significant problem with time, so as a parent, you should take care of your child to make overbite a worse situation. Fix the issues as you find overbite issues or as your child tells you about overbite.

Many children face overbite issues, and parents don’t consider it a significant problem. Thinking of it is necessary to correct it. Overbites need to be corrected and fixed as soon as possible before making it worse for your child. Leaving overbites untreated can develop other dental problems and badly affect your child’s teeth.

As you notice overbites, you must consult your pediatric dentist Miami fl. You can see overbite before and after images to confirm the treatment will work for your child.

What are an Overbite and Overjet?

The terms “overbite” and “overjet,” which appear to be identical yet vary, frequently need explanation. In contrast to an overjet, when the top teeth protrude over the bottom teeth at an angle, an overbite is the overlap between the upper and low front teeth. This is the horizontal distance between the front teeth on the upper and lower jaw. How far the top teeth extend past the lowest teeth determines how severe an overjet and overbite are. You must visit your dentist and ask for overbite before and after braces pictures to see the changes and to correct these dental issues as soon as possible.

Does overbite correct itself?

Some parents think that overbite may be corrected by looking at their child’s overbite. Some overbites may happen in toddler years because their mouth and jaw are still developing. You may consult your dentist about that. Your orthodontist’s specialists in Florida may ask you to wait for a year to see the development of the overbite.

When should an overbite be corrected?

If the overbite is not corrected, you should seek a professional’s help, call your dentist, or visit to get an overview. Your dentist will tell you the best opinion and the easy to correct the overbite problem.

What Causes an Overbite In Children?

The leading cause of an overbite in children depends on the size and shape of the teeth, and a mismatched jaw size can be an issue.

When the upper jaw sets are forward, or the lower set of the jaw is too far back may, sometimes the combination of the two can also occur. There may be dental causes, like the upper teeth leaning too far ahead or when lower teeth are inherently absent.

Or the other reason can be a genetic cause in the family. However, some reasons can cause an overbite, such as if a toddler is thumb-sucking, uses a pacifier, or presses their tongue forward in the mouth, can cause overbite.

In Conclusion:

The best thing to correct an overbite is overbite braces, or your dentist provides the best corrective method to treat the overbites. Braces are generally recommended as they help align teeth and straighten them.

Make an appointment and consult your child’s overbite with your child’s orthodontist and also consult about overbite treatments.

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