What to Expect When Your Teen Needs Braces?

Teenage is the perfect time when your teen can have braces that will provide long-term results. If you are a parent looking for a guide that can help you to understand what to expect when your teen needs braces, read this article till the end, as this article aims to enlighten you with the process, how you can manage your child during this procedure, and helping you to choose the best braces for teens.

Getting Started With Braces

The very first thing to do when your teen’s dental expert suggests braces is a consultation to go over the recommended course of action. Experts will address your inquiries while emphasizing why your teen should for braces at this stage. Furthermore, at this time, you will explore the many kinds of braces at affordable braces miami, including typical metal braces, transparent braces, and invisalign.

Dental Checkup And X-Rays

Your teen requires X-rays as well as an oral inspection prior to getting braces. The orthodontist uses these X-rays to determine the placement of the teeth’ structure and develop a customized treatment strategy.

Putting On The Braces

The day on which braces are applied is referred to as “Braces Day.” After cleaning the teeth, the braces will be placed on your teen’s teeth. Even though it is not painful, the entire procedure could take some time to complete. Your child may experience some discomfort in their teeth when the braces are in place, although it can be managed.

Adjusting To Braces

Your teen’s mouth may initially feel slightly uneasy, but they will gradually adapt to the braces. For a period of time, children may require to take meals that are soft. It is crucial to adhere to the orthodontist’s cleaning recommendations for the braces, teeth, and overall mouth. The well-being of the braces and teeth will be maintained by routine flossing and brushing.

Visiting The Orthodontist

Your child will require routine modifications at the orthodontist’s office. Your dental professional is going to tighten these braces with rubber bands at the time of these consultations to assist in shifting the teeth toward their proper locations. Tiny elastic bands can be put on occasion to the braces to support the adjustment.

Dealing With Discomfort

Braces can become a little uneasy to handle, particularly after modifications. Also, it might be possible that your teen’s teeth may be sensitive, and they could experience some minor pain. Taking the help of prescription painkillers and consuming mushy meals will assist your teen in handling the pain better.

Eating With Braces

A few meals need to be excluded from the diet in order to protect the braces. Hard snacks, including popcorn kernels, bubble gum, and gummy chocolates, should all be avoided. Instruct your child to consume softer foods, such as slice-up fruits, and refrain from chewing straight from hard things.


Completing the braces treatment at an early stage is always helpful in order to provide long-term benefits. When your child comes into teenage, it is the perfect time to get the braces treatment done. This article has guided you on how the procedure will take place and what precautions your teen should take when they undergo the treatment of braces. If you are considering treatment for your teen, contact a pediatric orthodontist near me.


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