What Is The Use Of Braces Power Chain In Orthodontic Treatment?

A braces power chain is made up of connected elastic rings. These elastic rings give off a chain-like appearance. A power chain can connect several brackets by replacing the individual ligatures when applied to your braces. It gives the best teeth alignment by gradually moving the teeth and jaw into the correct position. The orthodontist aventura fl uses the braces power chain to put additional force on the teeth.

How can power chain braces be versatile?

The power chain braces can be used along the braces to address various needs of treatment.

  • Aligning crooked teeth
  • Closing the extra space between teeth
  • Provides best teeth alignment
  • Correcting the dental midline
  • Teeth rotation
  • Promoting even gap between teeth
  • Comes in various colors.

Do power chains come in various color options?

Power chain braces come in a rainbow of color options. You can even mix and match power chain colors with your braces and you can even coordinate if you have chains as well as ties with your ligatures. If you want to blend in your braces with your teeth color then various shades of silver, white, and other neutral colors are available. Not only that if you want to go with bold colors like red, dark blue, pink, or yellow then you can have that too.

How to take care of your power chains?

You can ask the orthodontist that offer Invisalign near me about the care and maintenance of the color chains. Taking care of the color chain braces is essential if you want them to last long. To achieve this, you can-

  • Brush your teeth gently. The best local orthodontist near me suggests brushing gently with the soft bristles toothbrush.
  • Brush after each meal.  Food particles that stick to the braces and teeth, can build plaque and tartar. To prevent that from happening you need to brush your teeth properly after each meal.
  • Rinse your mouth well with an antiseptic mouthwash for a thorough cleaning. You can also use a fluoride-based rinse
  • The orthodontist that do Invisalign near mesuggests flossing to remove the plaque and bacteria from between the teeth which can cause damage to the enamel and braces.
  • Avoid veteran types of food items that can damage the braces and the power chain. Avoid hard foods and high sugar foods like candy and chocolates and sticky food like chewing dum which can stick between the braces and damage them.
  • Check your braces in the mirror at least once a day to make sure that they’re intact and no harm is caused to them or the power chains. If you see the slightest damage to them then contact your nearest orthodontist.


From the above-given information, we can conclude that we learned more about power chain braces, power chain colors, the versatility of power chains, care and maintenance of power chain braces, orthodontist who do Invisalign near me, and more. For further information please contact ivanortho.com

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