What Is Sleep Apnea?

Have you heard about a condition called Sleep Apnea? Sleep apnea is a disorder in which pauses of breathing occurs or an extremely abnormal low breathing during sleep. Each breathing pause is called apnea which can last a few seconds to minutes and occurs 5 to 30 times during a single sleep. Visit the uptown sleep apnea clinic for precise, affordable sleep apnea treatment.

What Are The Main Causes?

Sleep apnea occurs because of two main factors – airway obstructions or due to brain stimulation to stop breathing. The simplest form of sleep apnea is snoring, where breathing is interrupted due to a physical block in the airflow.

Regardless of factors, people who suffer from this condition are unaware that they have breathing pauses at night. Other people that live or sleep with the patients actually see the problem. Usually, sleep apnea may occur for years without treatment at a sleep apnea clinic in midtown, TX. It can happen during daytime sleep and is associated with mental fatigue from sleep disturbances. Sleep apnea also causes blood pressure to erupt and sometimes death.

Who is prone to suffer from sleep apnea?

Individuals can suffer from sleep apnea once their breathing airway muscles become narrow and inflamed, making a partial block to airflow. The result will be less oxygen in the blood which can be stimulated in the brain that transmits energy impulses; thus, awakening and re-establishment of airways happen. Visit the sleep apnea clinic in uptown, TX, to get rid of sleeping disorders adequately.

Is sleep apnea treatable?

The most logical treatment for this condition is a lifestyle change and avoiding getting too much fat. Obesity is one cause of airway blockage that causes snoring and apnea, so you better control and maintain your body weight. Also, sleeping on a side position prevents the tongue and palate from falling backward into the throats. It also prevents any blockage in the airways.

Sleep apnea patients should avoid alcohol and sleeping pills. For those who suffer from severe sleep apnea, the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device can help the airway open during sleep through a pressurized air flow into the throat. CPAP is a very effective treatment for sleep apnea. Still, many find it uncomfortable and try the alternative treatment for sleep apnea.

Another treatment, known as Oral Appliance Therapy, experts can use to treat apnea. Dentists that are experts in sleep disorders perform Oral Appliance Therapy. A custom-made mouthpiece that positions the lower jaw forward, thus making an opening in the airway.


Sleep apnea can happen hundred times in a single night. If you know you have this condition, it is just right that you consult your doctor immediately for proper treatment at the sleep apnea clinic in midtown. Sleep apnea not only results from sleep deprivation and disturbances; it can also affect the cognitive and motor functions of the brain. Consult your doctor once you know you have sleep apnea and prevent further health risks by normalizing your airflow during sleep.

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