What Happens In The Deep Teeth Cleaning Process, And Why Is It Done?

Scaling and planning is another term for deep teeth cleaning Miami at the dentist. It is not the same as the cleaning you get twice a year. A more detailed cleaning goes beneath your gum line to prevent or treat gum disease. An orthodontist in Aventura Florida may use a local anesthetic to numb the surrounding area. Dental experts can inject it or apply it to the tissue-like lidocaine. Your dental condition will determine the type of anesthesia you receive.

Miami orthodontist will scrape bacteria from beneath your gums with a scraping tool. They next use a technique called planing to smooth out your tooth roots, allowing your gum tissue to reattach. Some dentists scrape with an ultrasonic tool rather than a standard scraper because it is more comfortable. Sometimes, they will put antibiotic fibers into your gums to help fight the bacteria, or they might use antibiotic mouth wash or pills.

What to expect after the deep teeth cleaning process?

You may have sensitive teeth for a week, so after dental deep cleaning Miami. You may feel slight pain in your mouth as well. Your gum disease should reduce, and your gums should be more healthy if you maintain good oral hygiene after the procedure. Quitting smoking may also help speed the recovery process and prevent gum diseases.

Can you State some disadvantages associated with a deep dental cleaning?

Like any other dental treatment procedure, there are some minor disadvantages of deep cleaning teeth. For the most part, scaling and root planing is a low-risk technique. If you have a weak immune system, heart problems, or artificial body parts, you may be more likely to get an infection from germs in your mouth.

Bacteria and germs from your mouth can get into your bloodstream. Suppose you have an immunological problem or are in a high-risk group. In that case, your dentist may prescribe antibiotics before and after the treatment.

Why do you think deep teeth cleaning is necessary?

After checking your teeth and gums and taking X-rays to determine the condition of your mouth, a bay harbor islands orthodontist will usually suggest deep teeth cleaning. If you have severe gum decay or a progression in your gingivitis, they are pulling away from your teeth. They can also create pockets or spaces that expose the bone five millimeters deep or greater.

In that case, dentists often recommend deep teeth cleaning as the next step before undergoing periodontal surgery. Be aware that if you don’t treat your gum problems, they could progress into periodontitis.

When the pockets between your teeth and gums become so deep, bacteria attack your teeth’ bones and supporting elements. If you ignore this and won’t get proper treatment in time, it can make your teeth lose enough to fall out or require tooth extraction.


The above article provides valuable and informative details regarding teeth cleaning. It focuses on the various essential and beneficial aspects of deep dental cleaning. For further information related to deep teeth cleaning, please visit ivanovortho.com.

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