What Do Bite Blocks Do For The Braces?

The orthodontic braces are usually made up of metal bands around your back teeth with a wire attached that runs through each tooth on brackets. To pull the teeth into a healthier alignment. In some cases, dentists use additional devices to achieve good results. Bite block or ramp turbos is one of the attachments that can help with your treatment process. Bite blocks are the tiny devices that orthodontists attach to your front or back teeth to prevent your lower and upper teeth from coming in contact with each other when you bite down.

The dentist suggests bite blocks for braces due to the way the teeth come into contact with each other can slow down the teeth’ alignment or straightening process and can damage them. Bite turbos can help in the cases where people have an overbite, crossbite, deep bite, or crowding. Bite blocks also prevent you from biting down on your brackets and popping them off or even worse, breaking your tooth.

What are the best colors in braces to choose from?

Choosing the best suiting braces color can be a little confusing and overwhelming. Especially when you have so many choices and color options to choose from. Every braces color carries some specific benefit with them. Some braces colors can make your teeth appear yellow, some can make your teeth appear white, and some are less visible than others. The selection of braces colors completely depends on personal preference and liking. Some braces colors are more popular than others such as-

  • Dark color braces such as black, dark purple, or dark blue can make your teeth appear white. If you are wondering what color braces make your teeth look whiteten this is the answer.
  • Getting braces colors like pink, orange, gold, green, and dark blue compliments the dark skin well.
  • Subbed reds and pinks, dark blue, light pink, and light blue compliments the lighter skin tones.
  • Yellow and other light colors can make your teeth appear dull and yellow.
  • Dark purple braces and dark blue braces are more popular among boys.

What are the best alternatives to braces?

Though braces are the typical and common option when it comes to straightening the teeth, there are some cases where metal braces are not ideal. Aside from the discomfort and inconvenience associated with the metal braces, many people don’t like the way they look with the full braces on, fortunately, modern technology can allow us to try and explore other braces alternative if you don’t want to use traditional braces.

  • Invisalign or clear correct aligners. Clear corrections are one of the most popular alternatives to metal braces. They are custom-made to correct teeth misalignment. Due to their clear and transparent appearance, they are less noticeable than other braces.
  • Ceramic veneers. These kinds of veneers are best for people who have discolored, chipped, and misshaped teeth. They are made from very thin but durable ceramic material.


In the end, we can conclude that the above information tells us about braces, what bite blocks and turbos do for braces, the best colors of braces, an alternative for braces, and more. For more information regarding braces please check out ivanovortho.com.

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