What are Tooth-Colored Fillings and Their Benefits?


Tooth-colored- also known as composite fillings – are used for dental restorations designed to be inconspicuous and look natural in appearance. They blend up with the teeth in such a way that offers a more natural look to your teeth than amalgam fillings, as other people quickly notice it.

Composite Fillings comprise ceramic and plastic compounds bonded with chemicals while placed on the teeth. The same treatment can be used to fill canals or decayed teeth areas and also helps repair chipped or broken teeth.

For the front side of the teeth, dentists mostly use composite restoration as a line of treatment, and they are more visible when patients smile. The dentist industry comes with advanced technologies, frequently allowing doctors to use the composite filling for chipped or cracked teeth because they blend easily with patient’s teeth and provide a natural appearance. Edge Dental Emergency offers a wide range of dental treatments, including tooth-colored fillings in Houston, TX, damaged teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, and knocked-out teeth.

What are the Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings?

 Highly Effective

 Tooth-colored fillings are made up of composite resin, an effective material that can be used for fillings, and it is insoluble. It is easy to access, budget-friendly, and easy to manipulate in cavities. The result of composite resins is positive as it remains for a long-lasting period and consider healthy tooth structures. If you want to treat your cracked teeth, composite resin fillings in Houston, TX is a better choice. Get an appointment with verified doctors for  composite resin fillings in Houston, TX


The Procedure of Tooth-Colored Filing is Quick

 The tooth-Colored Fillings procedure is easy and can be done quickly. Before starting the treatment, dentists will give anesthesia to extract the affected or cavity portion of the teeth and then place tooth-colored filings or composite resin in the layer that combines with your teeth.


During the treatment, the healthcare professional will use a special torch to properly fill each layer as it helps restore damaged or crooked teeth. Once the filing procedure is completed, the doctors cross-check your bite in last, which takes hardly an hour to complete.


Helps In Maintaining Smile

 Patients prefer composite resin fillings instead of Amalgam fillings because it is prevalent and match your natural tooth. However, Amalgam fillings are made up of metal alloys that are usually silver, as these fillings destroy the flow of your smile.

Tooth-colored fillings refrain the stains similarly to natural teeth, so patients must brush and floss their teeth regularly. Make sure you use a soft bristle brush and non-abrasive toothpaste to remove stains, and visit the dentist regularly for professional hygiene cleanings twice a year.

A dental crown consists a tooth-shaped cap that helps in the treatment in decayed, weak or crooked teeth. If you are  looking for dental crowns, get a consultation of same-day dental crowns near me in Houston, TX



 Composite fillings are an ideal solution for dentist treatment, preserving the natural tooth structure. It is possible because composite material is bonded with chemicals to the tooth’s surface. The process of tooth-colored fillings is slightly longer than traditional amalgam fillings. Seek emergency dental care usa for excessive bleeding, pain and swollen gums.

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