What Are The Things You Should Do After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

If you are reading this article we consider you an individual who’s about to get a wisdom teeth extraction. Having a major surgical procedure requires everything to know about the treatment. Before the treatment, a patient needs to know what essential things are necessary after the wisdom tooth extraction. In this article, we have mentioned some things that a person should do after the extraction with in-depth knowledge so make sure to read this article till the very end to not miss out on anything.

What is a wisdom tooth?

Wisdom teeth are the last erupted teeth in adults’ mouths that develop in the age of 17 to 30 that are 4 in total. Two wisdom teeth are erupting at the back top of your mouth. The other two erupt at the back bottom of your mouth.

Why does a wisdom tooth become impacted?

A wisdom tooth becomes erupted due to teeth crowding. Wisdom teeth generally require wisdom teeth removal because of impaction due to eruption in between teeth that have already grown fully which makes the wisdom teeth grow at a different angle and be painful.

What are the indications that show you need wisdom tooth removal?

Here are some indications in the mouth of impacted wisdom teeth that shows persons require tooth extraction:

  1. Redness in gums
  2. Swollen gums
  3. Toothache
  4. Tender or bleeding gums
  5. Jawbone pain
  6. Swelling in the jaw
  7. Bad breath
  8. Bad taste in your mouth
  9. Problem opening your mouth

What are the elements you should do after wisdom teeth removal?

We have mentioned some steps that you should follow after the tooth extraction :

  1. After the extraction, you should place a bag full of ice on the side of teeth extraction that helps in reducing swelling on the affected area.
  2. After the extraction, a patient should keep chewing the gauze to reduce the risk of bleeding.
  3. After the extraction, it is mandatory to eat and drink liquid food that will help in avoiding damage and harm to the affected tooth extraction area.
  4. After the teeth extraction, a patient should not keep his/her mouth still, jawbone movement is necessary for maintaining the blood circulation
  5. A patient should always drink or eat food that offers energy as it is important to have enough vitamins and calcium for avoiding the chances of dizziness after the extraction.
  6. You should always ensure you avoid the affected area while brushing and flossing daily.
  7. It is recommended by many dentists that a patient should wait at least 8 weeks after the extraction for getting any other dental procedure.

Is wisdom tooth removal painful?

Many dentists have disclosed that a patient shouldn’t feel any pain during the procedure. Before the procedure, your dentist will inject you with anesthesia to numb the area of wisdom teeth that are going to be extracted. Some people may feel little discomfort and irritation in that area for some time but it will go away after some time.


We hope you liked this article and it was a great help for you in knowing about wisdom teeth extraction. If you are someone looking for a dentist near me for wisdom teeth extraction then you can simply visit our website and get in touch with our dental experts.

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