What Are The Main Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures To Restore Your Smile?

Most people have been opting for cosmetic dentistry near me to enhance the appearance of their teeth. Some individuals choose them to fix an oral issue that may spoil the look of their smile, making them feel embarrassed. Some of them prefer it due to injury in the mouth, such as half-broken tooth and much more.

If you are assuming the same, there are six cosmetic dentistry procedures you should know about. Dentists specializing in aesthetics recommend these procedures, and they perform all procedures under local anaesthetic where needed.

Smile design:

If you don’t like your smile for one reason or another, ‘smile design is the ideal procedure for you. Your dentist might have already recommended you. The long and short of it is a consultation with a uptown dental professional who will look at your smile and discuss the various options for improving it.

From this consultation, treatments will be recommended. Your teeth may need whitening, or they may need reshaping, and you may need veneers. Sometimes, all that’s required is for your metal fillings to be replaced with white fillings to improve your smile in a short space of time. The best dentists provide wax mock-ups of your smile so you can see a preview of the final results before treatment.

Teeth Whitening Houston

This is the most non-invasive procedure you can have. It’s where a dentist applies a hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth and activates it with UV light over 30 minutes to an hour. The gel breaks down the stains causing your teeth to be yellow to reveal the natural color underneath. The results are instant, there’s no downtime, and your teeth will be four to five shades lighter. The effects last around 3 years but can stretch beyond this if you use whitening toothpaste and brush two times a day. Explore the internet to know the local Teeth Whitening Dentist’s Cost.

White fillings:

If you have amalgam fillings, you can have these replaced with white fillings. Amalgam is usually used to fill molars (back teeth), but these can still show if you laugh with your head. The tooth filling near me uses composite resin, usually a mix of acrylic resin and powdered glass. The filling is cured using UV light on the treatment table, after which the performance and appearance are the same as a normal tooth. White fillings last 7-10 years, less than amalgam, but the aesthetic appearance is worth it.

Gum contouring:

Gum contouring is suitable for patients with uneven gums (gums that are too high or too low). Ordinarily, this is a cosmetic procedure, but your dentist may recommend it if you have treatment for periodontal disease. Gum contouring is performed on the dental bed under local anaesthetic. Depending on the desired result, it involves removing or adding tissue to the gums. The recovery period lasts a few days at a minimum, with some people needing two weeks.

Teeth reshaping:

Teeth reshaping can fix minor imperfections in teeth, such as wonkiness and chips. This procedure involves removing small amounts of surface enamel to reshape the tooth’s profile. Usually, the desired look is uniformity. Sometimes, it is necessary to add material like a composite, which can be shaped in the right places to improve the tooth’s appearance drastically. This process is called bonding. The result is picture-perfect teeth, and the results are permanent if cared for.

Consult your dentist to determine which oral treatment can help you to get the best oral condition.

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