What Are Teeth Whitening Aftercare?

Teeth whitening is a procedure that makes your teeth white and bright like never before, showing your beautiful white smile. Isn’t it true? But what if your white teeth fade away? Eating foods or consuming drinks can stain your teeth, leaving you with a faint smile. So it is essential to care for your teeth after teeth whitening correctly. You will surely not like to have stained teeth in a few days after you get your teeth whitened.


You need to avoid some food that can easily stain your teeth. By avoiding a few types of food, you can hold that glow and whiteness in your teeth. You also need to avoid smoking and chewing tobacco products, as the use of these products can leave marks and stains on your teeth. When you whiten your teeth with professional teeth whitening near me in Sunny Isles Beach, FL, your teeth become more prone to stains. Hence, avoiding some food is necessary.


It’s advisable to wait a week before resuming any activities or meals that could discolor your teeth, even though you should wait 48 hours. Additionally, you should avoid these foods and actions going forward to get the best results from your teeth whitening. For more information, talk to whitening teeth near me in Sunny Isles Beach, FL.



● Foods Can Discolour Teeth

Many foods should be avoided because they can stain your teeth. Tea, coffee, and colored sodas like Coke or Diet Coke are typical offenders. Berries and red wine are two more items that might discolor your teeth.

● Regularly brush your teeth.

However, brush and floss your teeth frequently after the teeth whitening procedure. You should brush and floss more regularly than usual to ensure your teeth look their best.

After all, you worked hard to make them white, so you should maintain them that way.

You may remove stains that might form on your teeth by brushing your teeth right quickly after eating. To keep your teeth as white as possible for as long as possible, start brushing them away after consuming meals that can discolor them.

● Use whitening toothpaste for a week.

Your teeth will be slightly more sensitive following the surgery because they will be more porous. After having it done, you should avoid using other cosmetics that include bleaching components.


However, whitening toothpaste after the sensitivity disappears lets you keep your teeth white. If you incorporate this into your daily regimen, you’ll probably notice that your teeth stay whiter for longer than ordinary toothpaste. Visit sunny isles dental office to know which toothpaste is right for you.


● Utilise straws to prevent stains.

Use a straw to sip your coffee or tea if you have caffeine addiction. Metal straws that are washable and reusable are available at various stores. Metal straws work well for hot and cold beverages and are just as environmentally friendly as plastic or reusable straws.


Some metal straws are even equipped with a carrying case, allowing you to tuck them into your backpack or purse and use them wherever you go. You’ll still have them prepared, so you won’t have to stain your hands if you go somewhere where they don’t provide straws.

● Stop Smoking

You need to stop smoking if you are a heavy smoker. If you don’t smoke, it is a big thumbs up. Generally, smoking kills you, so avoiding smoking and staying healthy is good. Smoking can also make your teeth stained, so if you want to have that bright look on your teeth, stop smoking now! Schedule dentist appointments online to know to stop smoking.


● Eat Foods that stain occasionally:

Drinking a glass of wine or a few berries occasionally will not cause staining to your teeth but doing it daily can. So remember not to consume daily.

In Conclusion:

Following these tips, you can have long-lasting results from your teeth whitening. Aftercare is necessary to keep that glow on your teeth like the day you had. Taking good care of your dental health is essential for overall health and your smile is bright. Discuss teeth whitening procedures and cost with an emergency dental office near me in Sunny Isles Beach. Request an appointment today and discuss your options.

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