Varicose Veins – Treatments And Cure

Varicose veins are distorted and enlarged veins and that appear close-packed to the surface of the skin. They are usually blueish or greenish and hideous. They normally cause discomfort, as the legs feel heavy, swollen, itchy, and throbbing. They are normally located at the back of the calf.

They are a normal situation in the Western World, with about 60% of Americans being stirred by this vein problem at some stage of their lives. Women are likely to develop varicose veins more frequently than men. Sometimes this position occurs only during the condition of pregnancy and it leaves a few weeks or months after giving birth to the baby. There is also a sign of this problem running in genetics. The good news is, they are curable with the help of varicose vein treatment new york.

Certain major factors add to the growth of this ailment, such as obesity, hormonal imbalance, particularly in menopause, continued periods of standing or sitting, genetics, and past vein diseases such as thrombophlebitis. Usually, this is not a serious problem in itself but has a higher chance of becoming one. For stopping the issue becoming more serious consult a vein doctor new york.

The analysis will include an X-ray or an ultrasound approach to define the presence of any serious problem. In some situations, surgery may be advised and the enlarged veins removed by best vein doctor NYC, it is one of the common procedures in the NY vein center. A method called sclerotherapy can be performed on smaller veins, which has the injection of a substance into them. A liquid is injected into the vein that makes its walls to swell and conceal. The vein grows into scar tissue and the blood flow ceases. This treatment may require to be repeated in the concerned vein. Any unusual after effects disappears in a few weeks.

If performed correctly, this method is very efficient it can be performed in vein treatment center NYC. The success rate is 50-90%. There are negligible side effects possible, such as continuous pain in the spot of injection, which normally disappears after a while, small skin sores and blisters, spots, or brown lines around the area of vaccination, which also disappear. These are often a cosmetic problem, which usually does not have any serious results. Some inflammation can be expected on treated veins, which can be operated with aspirin or pain killers and is not serious. In most cases, however, medical interference is not needed but it is always desired to stay in touch with vein doctors if you are living in big city like New York you can find one near your home or office.

Self-help actions can stop or decrease down the progress of varicose veins and people who are prone to this problem or even dealing with this should take care to grasp a few simple rules to reduce and prevent it from progressing further:

  •  Don’t sit with your legs crisscrossed. It hinders proper blood flow in the legs leading to vein problems.
  • Workout. Walking is very much suggested, as it increases blood circulation and maintains the leg muscles toned and robust to support your body weight.
  • Avoid being obese, eat right, and maintain a healthy weight. Thes all things are necessary to avoid vein condition, for more information visit

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