Personal Dental Care: Yes, It’s More Than Just Brushing

Almost everyone has their own share of childhoodtooth-y story. Parents have their own unique way ofencouraging their children how to take care of theirteeth – from exaggerated stories to imaginarycharacters (hello, tooth fairy).

However, encouraging children to take care of theirteeth is actually a good thing to do because it’s agood idea to start practicing personal dental care atan early age. Perhaps the most basic thing that almosteveryone knows about personal dental care is brushing.

Brushing one’s teeth after every meal is considered asthe most basic step for personal dental care. A lot ofpeople may think that brushing one’s teeth is justplain brushing; what most people don’t know is thatthere is a proper way to brush one’s teeth.

Brushing one’s teeth effectively does not involvefreestyle strokes. If you are one of the many peoplewho do not know the proper strokes of brushing, avisit to the dentist would be the solution to yourproblem.

Brush Your Teeth At Least Two Times A Day Althoughthere are some people who believe that it is necessary to brush one’s teeth three times a day or after everymeal, most dentists would recommend that teeth should be brushed at least two times a day.

There are even cases when dentist would discouragetheir patients from brushing more than two times aday, especially for those people who are experiencingdiscomfort from sensitive teeth.

Don’t Be A Lazy Bum In a world that’s full of hustleand bustle, with lots of deadlines to meet andschedules to juggle, it wouldn’t be a wonder if onewould forget about his or her personal dental care.

Some people can even afford to get through a daywithout actually brushing their teeth. If you are oneof the many individuals who think that eatingmentholated candies, gargling mouthwash, or flossingcan equal to brushing, you might need to change yourapproach to your personal dental care routine.

Eating candies to hide the scent of what you just ateduring your latest meal is definitely not a good idea.

Sure, it would be excusable if you just did it once ortwice, or during an emergency, but if you are guiltyof doing it regularly, you are actually doing moreharm than good to your teeth.

Eating candies and other sweets to compensate the lackof brushing may just infuse more cavities to yourteeth. You may not see the harmful results of thishorrible “dental care” right away, but in the longrun, you will surely find yourself regretting why youlet your teeth fall into the traps of candies andsweets.

Substituting brushing with a simple mouthwash garglesession in the bathroom may seem to save you a lot ofprecious work time, but in reality, you are justputting your teeth (and mouth) in jeopardy.

Mouthwashes are made to enhance the cleanliness ofyour teeth, not to substitute tooth brushing. Simplygargling with mouthwash won’t thoroughly cleanse yourmouth.

Sure, your mouth may feel fresh and clean after yougargle with mouthwash, but if a microscope would beplaced in your mouth (especially in between yourteeth), you may just end up being disgusted with whatyou see.

Achieving a healthy personal dental care routine isimportant because it will surely make or break yoursmile. Don’t neglect your teeth because they make upan important part of your face.

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