Is Dental Sedation Safe For Children?

Kids can be easily afraid of the dentist or specific dental procedures, usually a fear of the unknown. Going to a professional, kid-friendly, fun pediatric dental practice like Innovative kids sedation dentistry can help put children at ease. Dental anxiety in children usually fades as they become accustomed to the dental office.


According to dentist childrens near me, sedation dentistry is an option for children with severe dental phobia, those who are very young and require extensive dental work. It’s also great for special-needs kids who struggle with dental procedures.


Sedation can help children feel relaxed and comfortable during their treatment, allowing them to safely receive the care they require. Kids may not even remember the procedure, depending on the type of dental sedation they use.


What kinds of dental sedation are for kids?


The pediatric dental care specialist offers various kinds of dental sedatives for kids. There are multiple levels of sedation dentistry, ranging from mild sedation such as nitrous oxide or laughing gas to general anesthesia. Sedation for children can take the following forms:


Oral conscious sedation


The Miami pediatric dentist will prescribe an oral sedative for your child, providing mild to moderate sedation depending on the type of medication and dosage. During the procedure, children will be conscious, though they may fall asleep, and will be able to move and respond to commands. Concerns and doubts about the safety of oral conscious sedation for kids have been raised. While we do not offer it at our practice, it is available at the best pediatric dental office.


Nitrous oxide


Nitrous oxide sedation is mild, safe, does not put patients to sleep, and wears off quickly. We administer nitrous oxide and oxygen to your child via mask. They will feel relaxed, calm, euphoric, and a little silly after breathing it in for a few minutes. Patients are awake and able to respond to commands when they use laughing gas on children. Laughing gas not only relieves anxiety but also dulls discomfort. When they finish the procedure, your child will breathe in pure oxygen, and the effects of the nitrous oxide will wear off in a few minutes.


General anesthesia


Occasionally, they may use general anesthesia if they cannot perform the treatment safely. At the same time, the child is awake and laughing gas is ineffective. A board-certified anesthesiologist will administer anesthesia, and they will monitor your child throughout the procedure. Your child will be in deep sleep under general anesthesia, and they won’t be able to feel or remember anything about the process.


Is dental sedation considered safe for a child?


Dental sedation is safe for a child if an experienced dentist who employs cutting-edge technology and techniques performs it. Our Naperville pediatric dentists are trained in pediatric dental sedation at our practice. One of our dentists will examine your child, review their medical history, and go over any medications they are currently taking.


They will spend time learning about your child’s needs to determine if sedation is appropriate for your child. You can feel assured that our cutting-edge practice is outfitted with the most advanced monitoring equipment and tools if they are. They will monitor your child throughout the procedure for maximum safety.




We hope the above-provided information will help you understand some beneficial and valuable things regarding pediatric sedation dentistry. For further informative details, please visit

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