How Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure Take Place?

The third molars that usually come in during the late teens or early 20s are known as Wisdom teeth. Some people usually have four wisdom teeth, some have fewer or more but these teeth normally affect other teeth. Those who develop impacted wisdom teeth usually have these teeth extracted. Wisdom teeth are also pulled out if they pose potential problems if left as it is aside from being impacted. It can lead to worse medical danger because grown-in wisdom teeth can be infected easily. On the other hand, other wisdom teeth are misaligned or cause crowding which can both be painful.

The procedure of Wisdom tooth removal

– By a surgeon or adult orthodontics near me, wisdom tooth removal can be done. During the procedure, anesthetics are used to prevent the patient from feeling any pain. Local anesthesia applies to the area of the tooth to be pulled can do the trick in some cases. General anesthesia is being administered to the patients, in some cases, making patients sleep throughout the whole extraction process. Usually, general anesthesia is given to patients with special needs or those who will have multiple teeth removed at the same time.

– The whole procedure of wisdom tooth hole removal can seem frightening but there are no reasons for the patients to be afraid especially if they have talked to their dentist beforehand.

Whether it is about your dental health condition or the uneasiness you feel while being surrounded by dentist’s equipment but having a dentist whom you can talk to can make the patient’s mind more at ease.

– To assess the state of the patient’s teeth and plan the best approach to remove the tooth, the dentist usually takes an X-ray of the patient’s teeth before the procedure. Regarding the condition of your wisdom tooth to be extracted, talking to your dentist and the estimated length of time of the process and the after-procedure normal wisdom tooth healing can give you the proper mindset for the operation.

– After the extraction, patients can experience bleeding within 24 hours. If the bleeding still persists after 24 hours a follow-up consultation with the dentist is highly recommended otherwise this is normal. The pain will eventually kick in after the effects of the anesthetics have worn out. Before the anesthesia wears out, taking a pill from the dentist’s prescription will avert the patient from feeling a lot of pain.

When do wisdom teeth holes close?

Within six weeks, the area around a wisdom tooth extraction typically closes. healing wisdom tooth socket will fill with bone in the next several months. It will take the site to close, during the six weeks it is important to keep the area clean and make sure food isn’t trapped in the socket area.

Wisdom tooth removal aftercare

  • After the doctor pulled out your wisdom tooth, do not rinse your mouth for a day.
  • You will experience some bleeding after the tooth removal which can be treated by putting clean gauze over the area in question.
  • Put ice in a clean cloth if you experience facial swelling and place it over the swollen area externally.
  • Eat something that is in a liquid state or eat light food.
  • Do not drink alcohol and drink juice as much as you can.

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