How long does it take to put on braces?

If you are planning to be on the braces, you are probably looking for ways that can give you more information. How does it feel to be on braces? Do braces hurt initially? How bad? Do they impair you while speaking? If those issues are on your brain, then it’s a good thing. Knowing what you are getting into makes you mentally prepared. This article has all the details that will make you prepared for getting the braces.

how long does it take to get braces?

That basically matters on how severe your condition is, the case, and the kind of braces you are opting for. According to the average it takes around 1-2 hours could take more if the problem is critical. You can ask the dentist upon the first meeting – how long do braces take to put on.

The process could be a little nasty, but not that painful as you are thinking. First, the dentist will clean your teeth and make them dry; then he or she will apply a particular cement that gets stuck on your teeth and starts the procedure. That cement has no taste and totally safe for the human body. The final thing would be the dentist will do is put the arch-wires on the brackets and tighten the braces to give you the best smile.

Do Braces Hurt and Will It Be Continuous Pain?

While braces are getting fixed on your teeth it wouldn’t be painful, but your teeth and gums are likely to get sensitive. But will braces be painful throughout your dental alignment journey? In truth, chances are quite possible. Your new braces are applying continuous force on teeth and will be doing so till you get alright.

What basically happens during the procedure?

The elastics in your mouth and pulling (or pushing) will be doing the work. The brackets are giving the direction to the force.

Your gums are quite flexible and will help in the procedure, building up where they should be according to the dentist’s point it gets shifted to that place. But it takes time to start the procedure and gums to understand this pattern.

Until they adjust, you can feel discomfort. Many patients report that they don’t feel anything just continuous pressure. After some time your mouth understands what is going on, your mouth will start supporting this and it will piece of cake. The whole thing needs just around 14 days.

You need to make several changes in your lifestyle to accommodate the changes. You might injure yourself initially with metal. Moreover, tough things would be like giving up on your favorite things like chocolate and hard candies.

Some patients say that it takes not more than a month to get used to the braces, especially your mind gets very cautious on how to eat the food. If you injure yourself quite often then you should talk to your dentist about the same.

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