How Long Do Adults Have To Wear Braces?

Adult patients are more common than they were a few decades ago, and people of any age can wear braces. Just like kids, adults, too, want to know how long their medical treatment will endure, and the answer is that it varies. According to the best orthodontist in Miami fl, every situation is unique; thus, treatment times can differ from a few months to three years.

According to the best orthodontists near me, the four main factors that affect how long orthodontic therapy takes for patients are age, the intricacy of the patient’s situation, compliance, and the type of braces utilized. The complexity and quantity of orthodontic difficulties that need to be resolved are the main factors affecting treatment time, not the patient’s age. Age has very little of an impact.

Does Patient’s Age Matter In Orthodontic Treatment?

Many believe that adult orthodontic treatment can take a little longer for adults than for adolescents and young children. According to adult orthodontics near me, we can achieve faster results when treating children since their jaws are still growing and developing. Their teeth are still developing and erupting, making it easier to move them where we want them, and adult teeth have been in place for longer and require more work to erupt.

Do Complex Cases Takes Longer?

There are no two identical cases. However, some treatments are simpler than others. The minimum required time to wear braces is a few months to correct a simple issue like a crooked tooth or spacing issue. However, some people have complicated cases with various problems to address.

Adults are frequently shocked to learn that braces can straighten their teeth and treat other related dental issues such as tooth decay, abnormal wear of the tooth enamel, bone and gum recession, migraines, and jaw pain. The correct positioning and straightening of all teeth can take up to 36 months in complex circumstances.

What Types Of Dental Braces effect The Treatment Time?

Their orthodontic procedure will determine how long treatment with braces Miami Florida will last. You can have lingual, ceramic, or traditional metal braces.

Clear And Metal Braces

They make braces with clear ceramic, and premium stainless steel is the most effective orthodontic treatment option. They can shift teeth into the desired position faster than lingual braces and clear aligners because they are more effective at moving teeth. Additionally, these braces are more likely to produce the best results in the shortest time. To correct a simple case of crooked teeth or spacing, you must wear braces for a minimum of several months up to 36 months for both metal and clear ceramic braces.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces, which we wear on the inside of the teeth and are rarely visible to others, are widely chosen by adults. The treatment of lingual braces typically takes longer. The orthodontist scans the patient’s teeth so that each bracket may be custom-made at a dental laboratory to fit each tooth.


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