How Does Invisalign Change Your Face Shape?

It is an excellent choice if you consider Invisalign for teeth alignment treatment. Many individuals opting for Invisalign treatment often ask whether aligning teeth with Invisalign will change their face shape.

Undoubtedly, Invisalign North Miami is an excellent treatment option for all people, especially adults and teens, who do not want metal braces appearance or feel embarrassed to have braces seen when they smile or talk. In Invisalign, no wires or other restrictions interrupt your smile. Also, you can remove them when you are eating or drinking.

Remember to wear them again and clean them before putting them again. With Invislaign, you can eat whatever you wish to eat.

Invislaign are thin plastic trays that are shaped according to your teeth. They gradually move your teeth to their original position. They give you the teeth and smile you wish to have without interfering with your busy schedule because appointments are every six weeks.

Will Your Face Shape Change?

Your face may change with more protruding or highly misaligned teeth. You may feel some changes in your face but with a positive result. Your face will look good in position with proper jaw and teeth alignment.

Changes in your face shape are apparent if your lips are out due to protruding teeth or have an underbite, overbite, or crossbite. Any changes to your face with Invisalign treatment will be very few and not be seen easily.

You also need to know that some people start their Invisalign treatment at the age when their face naturally starts to age. Consult with your braces Hollywood, fl, if you are a good candidate for Invisalign.

What makes Invisalign different from metal braces?

Traditional braces have metal wires connected to your teeth and can be seen easily. But with Invisalign, they are unnoticeable. They are made of clear plastic trays placed over your teeth, gradually moving them to their original position.

Many patients with Invislaign are happy, eat whatever they want, and have their teeth aligned simultaneously. People got the confidence to talk and smile in public.

Here are some benefits of Invisalign.


  • They are invisible and cannot be seen with the naked eye until you tell people you have them on.
  • No restrictions on the food. You can eat whatever you wish to eat by removing them. Just clean your teeth and algners before putting them again in your mouth.
  • They are comfortable as there are no wires or sharp edges in them that can cut or scratch your gums or cheek.
  • They give results faster than braces as they complete the treatment in a year or less.

The New You

You may notice some changes in your face, but that is for good. The treatment will make your face look good and differnt with the proper teeth alignment. The changes are minimal unless you had additional treatment through surgery or devices. You will appreciate the treatment and your new look more than the old one.

In Conclusion:

If you want to get Invisalign treatment but have concerns talk to the orthodontic specialists of Florida for your problems. Book an appointment now and start your Invisalign or braces near me treatment.

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