Can teeth become white again?

Usually, teeth will darken overpasses of time. Many factors cause decoloration, such as food and beverages. Other factors for degradation of teeth color may include childhood medications and illnesses, tobacco use, or unhealthy practices. Reinstate your natural white smile is the dentist’s priority. Teeth whitening miami fl will provide you with a variety of options for whitening teeth again.

Why do my teeth get stained easily?

Our teeth’ topmost layer is Enamel, which has multiple layers. It is a protective barrier that will keep your teeth safe from harmful bacteria from penetrating the deeper layer of the tooth. Unfortunately, overpasses of time, from eating and drinking to consuming fluoride in toothpaste, cause stains on teeth. From bacteria and stains on the surface of teeth, it will begin to turn white color to pearly white and yellow.

What can stain your teeth white?

  1. Colored food and beverages such as tea, coffee, soda, red wine, etc.\
  2. tobacco and Smoking products
  3. Medications for high blood pressure
  4. Disease therapies method

Is whitening good for teeth?

It is a treatment by which a person can bring his natural smile back by removing stains and discolored layers. There are many different teeth whitening methods, but it is considered the most common and convenient cosmetic procedure because of its fast and effective results.

Most dental houses provide teeth whitening services, but patients should know in their mind this isn’t a particular one. It will also require regular maintenance and touch-ups for a brighter smile.

Professional-Strength Whitestrips

metlife dentist near me will be happy to provide you with professional-strength white strips for comfort and a better smile. But it is essential to follow the instructions regarding how long you will wear them each day to get the best results.

 Take-Home Whitening

If strips aren’t what you want, we can provide you with custom-made trays that will fit your upper and lower teeth. Custom trays mean comfort with a combination of professional-strength gel.

Deep Bleaching

For patients with tough stains, miami beach teeth whitening beliefs would benefit from this process. You can schedule two to three in-office visits and use our custom-made whitening trays home for maximum whitening results.

metlife miami in-office visiting treatment will incorporate the use of zoom! Whitening offers drastic results much faster. A simple procedure of applying a tin coat of whitening gel on the teeth before using UV light to activate the gel and throw away stains.

Express White

If you are interested in the quicker way of the whitening process, express whitening will help you brighten your teeth in just 10-15 minutes.

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