8 Tips for Keeping Teeth Healthy around Halloween!

It’s a time when parents have to take care of their children’s health and dental issues. As the festive season is coming on and the kids are busy collecting and storing the bags of candies and sweets for Halloween. Top Kids Teeth dentist near me always suggests planning things carefully, even if you are allowing your kids to eat that candy.


Here are some Points To consider!


1. Time It Right


One can consume candy and other sweet sugary foods much more than usual but at the right time. The children orthodontist recommends taking Halloween candy shortly after meals. You can also try candies with meals since saliva production is elevated during a meal that helps to cancel out harmful acids in your mouth produced by bacteria along with keeping the food particles away.


2. Stay Away from Sweet Snacks


Sweet snacks can double the trouble for you. Eating too many sweet snacks increases the risk of cavities. The best children’s orthodontist near me suggests that snacking on candies for long hours is never a good idea as far as your dental health is concerned.


3. Choose Candy Carefully


Hard candies and all other sweets for long periods will never end up good. Apart from your frequency of eating snacks, tooth decay also takes into account the time a sugary item remains in your mouth. Kids orthodontist suggest that any candy which is not a sugar-free product increases the risk for tooth decay as long as it stays in your mouth.


4. Avoid Sticky Candies


There are numerous sticky candies available in the market that tend to stick with your teeth. Some of the examples are gummy bears and taffy. These take longer than expected to get dissolved in your mouth, which eventually increases the risk of tooth decay. Therefore, the children’s orthodontist near me most of the time avoids such types of candies.




5. Drink More Water


Fluoridated water helps in preventing tooth decay. So if you often use bottled water, get the one which is fluoridated for effective tooth decay prevention.



6. Maintain a Healthy Diet


Being a complex structure, the human body often shows unwanted reactions to foods considered as fuel. Our eating habits leave a huge impact on our oral health. Our teeth and gums sometimes get affected even if we are having the regular “fill up”.



7. Try Sugarless Chewing Gum


Kids love chewing gum and it has several dental health benefits. Buy sugarless chewing gum and use it for 20 minutes after every meal to reduce the risk of tooth decay. Not only does it fight dental issues, but it also becomes a great replacement for those sugar-rich candies since kids love them.



8. Clean Between Your Teeth


orthodontics Aventura states that your child must brush and clean teeth properly. So that there will be no gums and diseases.  If your kids clean their teeth all around thoroughly but forget to clean the spaces between two teeth. Flossing your teeth at least once a day removes plaque as well as food particles.


Visit Top Orthodontists!

Apart from taking care of your gums, regular visits to the best-rated orthodontist near me are also important. Follow the above steps and take your kids for regular dental checkups to make sure they are fine.


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