5 Terrific ways to look younger, gracefully

For some women, the urge to find ways to look younger comes on rather suddenly. Most often, this epiphany occurs in the mid-30s to early 40s. It may happen one morning when you’re just getting ready for work.

You look in the mirror on this bright sunny day, which highlights your skin in such an unflattering way! What’s this? Wrinkles on your forehead that weren’t there yesterday – or at least not that you noticed.

Your inspection continues, on to the little crow’s feet insinuating their way into full-blown oldness! Maybe you’re just having a bad hair day, but whatever the reason, the telltale signs of age are there, as plain as the nose on your face. Now you’re completely alarmed and depressed. What to do? You need a personalized list of ways to look younger that works for you.

The truth is, age comes upon all of us. It’s how you handle it that makes all the difference. Here are some positive steps that take the bite out of the inevitable, while making the most of your assets.

1. Your skin displays the most obvious signs of age. If you’ve been a sun worshipper, stop! Not only does the sun dry your skin unmercifully, but skin cancer is on the rise. Avoid these problems with a high SPF sunscreen, used daily. This should top your list of ways to look younger. This works wonders.

2. Many face creams have UV-protective ingredients. When you’re young, you probably don’t use face cream as religiously as you should, thinking aging skin is oh so far in the future. The sooner you start using day and night creams daily, the better.

3. Regular exercise helps tone muscles, promotes good circulation and gets rid of flab in undesirable, age-related locations. Exercise daily!

4. Your wardrobe may age you more than you think. Many women get stuck in some bygone era of fashion. Update your look, such that you appear to be on the same planet, in the 21st century. However, do not, not, try to look like a teen or 20-something. That strategy will backfire and you’ll only succeed in looking a bit foolish.

5. Check out your hair style. Do you have a style in keeping with the times and your age? Women sometimes just stick with a do that was cool 20 years ago, but isn’t today. Look through some hair style magazines at a salon or from the magazine rack. Go online and find a virtual hair styling site, where you can try different looks without risking disaster.

Remember, there’s an upside to aging. Your years of life experience do give you an edge over younger people. You’re more self-confident and savvy. Although wisdom has its price, you can strike an equitable balance between age and beauty. Words such as elegant, sophisticated and smart should be your bywords when planning your strategy on ways to look younger. Now go for it! Be beautiful and graceful!

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